New preface, written 2018, an introduction exploding some of myths about witches and witch hunts and a concise but inclusive history of the Salem witch hunt. The book’s second section provides information fully updated in 2018 about everything to see and do In Salem, Danvers, Andover, and other areas affected by the witch hunt of 1692, to help readers recapture the look, feel and spirit of the terrifying episode.


Frances Hill's thrilling new novel about the Salem Witch Trials was published in US
by Overlook Press on March 3rd 2011.

It was also published by Duckworth in the UK on June 16th 2011.


Frances Hill was very excited to be back at the wonderful Salem Witch Museum recently to give a talk on witch hunts in general as well as the Salem witch hunt in particular. People in high places haven taken to throwing the phrase around like a football so battered and misshapen it's lost all its usefulness. A true witch hunt occurs when people are the innocent targets of spiteful, cunning associates or neighbours out for revenge and self-serving officials intent on greater status or wealth.
It was at the Salem Witch Museum that Frances Hill first learned the details of the witch trials and got the idea for her popular, readable and accurate account of the Salem episode, A DELUSION OF SATAN: THE FULL STORY OF THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS. The Museum has a very special place in her heart.