How Salem became Witch City

Frances Hill describes the strange transformation over three hundred years of a thriving Puritan settlement, where a witch hunt tragically destroyed innocent lives, to a mecca for Wiccans, Goths and Halloween revellers.

For a fuller account, read Frances Hillís essay ďSalem as Witch CityĒ in Salem: Place, Myth and Memory, edited by Dane Anthony Morrison and Nancy Lusignan Schultz.

For the history of the Salem witch hunt, go to Frances Hillís acclaimed A Delusion of Satan, The Full Story of the Salem Witch Trials.

For a shorter history, combined with information on all the places to see in and near Salem connected to the trials, read Hillís Hunting for Witches, A Guide to the Salem Witch Trials.

Frances Hillís thrilling new novel about the Salem Witch Trials is Deliverance from Evil, published by Overlook Press in the US and Duckworth in England.

Frances Hill How Salem became Witch City