The Salem Witch Hunt

Frances Hill and David Hall, professor of divinity at Harvard, talk about the horror and injustice of the Salem witch trials, which led to the execution of twenty innocent people, the false imprisonment of 150 and to suffering and impoverishment throughout eastern Massachusetts.

For a full account of the episode read Frances Hillís acclaimed A Delusion of Satan, The Full Story of the Salem Witch Trials.

For a shorter account, combined with information on all the places to see in and near Salem connected to the trials, read Hillís Hunting for Witches, A Guide to the Salem Witch Trials.

To read many of the contemporary sources, with fascinating introduction and notes, go to Hillís The Salem Witch Trials Reader.

For an in depth examination of how the Boston Puritan leaders furthered the Salem witch hunt for their own ends, and how recent political leaders have used recent events in the same cynical manner, read Hillís Such Men Are Dangerous, The Fanatics of 1692 and 2004.

Frances Hillís thrilling new novel about the Salem Witch Trials is Deliverance from Evil, published by Overlook Press in the US and Duckworth in England.

Frances Hill The Salem Witch Hunt